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Stella Whitelaw

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Stella Whitelaw is a professional writer and journalist, with over 30 novels published as well as nearly 250 short stories in national women's magazines. She is Secretary of the Parliamentary Press Gallery at the House of Commons and lives in Surrey with six beautiful cats who have provided the inspiration for her many cat books. Pollution-induced asthma has sent her walking the Sussex coast and South Downs for fresh air for healing views.


Anthologies edited

Cat Stories (1981)
True Cat Stories (1986)
Stella Whitelaw's Cats' Tales (1987)
Collected Cat Stories (1988)
Cats' Tales: A Treasury (1989)
More Cat Stories (1990)
New Cat Stories (1991)
The Cat That Wasn't There (1992)
Favourite Cat Stories: New Tales of Feline Frolics for Devoted Cat Lovers (2000)

Jordan Lacey

1. Pray and Die (2000)
2. Wave and Die (2001)
3. Spin and Die (2002)
4. Hide and Die (2003)
5. Jest and Die (2004)
6. Ring and Die (2005)
7. Turn and Die (2007)
8. Fold and Die (2009)

Casey Jones Cruise Ship Mystery

1. Second Sitting (2008)
2. Dead Slow Ahead (2008)
3. A Wide Berth (2010)


Weave a Loving Web (1971)
Love is a Star Garden (1974)
Another Word for Love (1977)
Sweet Chastity (1979)
Desert Storm (1983)
Secret Taj (1984)
Flood Tide (1986)
Baptism of Fire (1989)
Pennyroyal (1989)
This Savage Sky (1990)
Eagle's Eye (1990)
Dragon Lady (1991)
The Owl and the Pussycats (1993)
A Certain Hunger (1993)
Deluge (1994)
Cruise Doctor (1996)
No Darker Heaven (1996)
Sweet Seduction (1997)
Veil of Death (2004)
Mirror Mirror (2006)
Midsummer Madness (2009)


Grimalkin's Tales: Strange and Wonderful Cat Stories (1983) (with Judy Gardiner, Mark Ronson (Marc Alexander))

Non fiction

How to Write and Sell a Synopsis (1993)
How to Write a Short Short Story (1996)
How to Write Short Short Stories (1996)
How to Write and Sell a Book Proposal (2

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