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Shirley Rousseau Murphy

Shirley Rousseau Murphy has received five Council of Authors and Journalists Awards for previous books. She graduated from San Francisco Art Institute, has worked as a commercial artist and has exhibited paintings and sculptures extensively on the West Coast. She and her husband live in Carmel, California. Their cats have included a tom that twice warned them of burglars in the middle of the night by growling, and a cat that liked to ride horseback.


Joe Grey

1. Cat On the Edge (1996)
2. Cat under Fire (1996)
3. Cat Raise the Dead (1997)
4. Cat in the Dark (1999)
5. Cat to the Dogs (1999)
6. Cat Spitting Mad (2000)
7. Cat Laughing Last (2001)
8. Cat Seeing Double (2003)
9. Cat Fear No Evil (2004)
10. Cat Cross Their Graves (2005)
11. Cat Breaking Free (2005)
12. Cat Pay the Devil (2007)
13. Cat Deck the Halls (2007)
14. Cat Playing Cupid (2009)
15. Cat Striking Back (2009)

Children of Ynell

1. The Ring of Fire (1977)
2. The Wolf Bell (1979)
3. The Castle of Hape (1980)
4. Caves of Fire and Ice (1980)
5. The Joining of the Stone (1981)


1. Nightpool (1985)
2. The Ivory Lyre (1987)
3. The Dragonbards (1988


Sand Ponies (1967)
White Ghost Summer (1969)
Wind Child (1973)
Poor Jenny, Bright As a Penny (1974)
The Grass Tower (1976)
Silver Woven in My Hair (1977)
The Pig Who Could Conjure the Wind (1978)
Soonie and the Dragon (1979)
Elmo Doolan and the Search for the Golden Mouse (1982)
Tattie's River Journey (1983)
The Flight of the Fox (1983)
Valentine for a Dragon (1984)
Medallion of the Black Hound (1989)
Song of the Christmas Mouse (1990)
The Catswold Portal (1992)


Motherhood Is Murder: Suture Self / April Fool Dead / Out of Hormone's Way / Cat Laughing Last (2003) (with Mary Daheim, Carolyn Hart, Jane Isenberg)

Anthologies edited

Christmas Cats (2005)

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