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Robert Westall

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Robert Westall was born October 1929, in Tynemouth, England. His first book, The Machine Gunners, was published in 1975, for which he won the Carnegie Medal. Amongst many more prizes and accolades, he won the Carnegie for the second time in 1980, with The Scarecrows. He died in 1993.


The Machine-Gunners (1975)
The Wind Eye (1976)
The Watch House (1977)
Fathom Five (1979)
The Scarecrows (1981)
Futuretrack 5 (1983)
The Cats of Seroster (1984)
Urn Burial (1987)
The Creature in the Dark (1988)
Blitzcat (1989)
The Stones of Muncaster Cathedral (1989)
The Promise (1990)
The Kingdom by the Sea (1990)
Stormsearch (1990)
If Cats Could Fly (1990)
Yaxley's Cat (1991)
The Christmas Cat (1991)
Gulf (1992)
The Christmas Ghost (1992)
Size Twelve (1993)
The Wheatstone Pond (1993)
Falling into Glory (1993)
A Place For Me (1993)
Blitz (1994)
A Time of Fire (1994)
A Place to Hide (1994)
The Night Mare (1995)
Harvest (1996)
Love Match (1997)
Antique Dust: Ghost Stories (1976)
Break of Dark (1982)
The Haunting Of Chas McGill: And Other Stories (1983)
Shades of Darkness: The Best of Robert Westall 2 (1986)
Rachel and the Angel: And Other Stories (1986)
A Walk on the Wild Side: Cat Stories (1987)
Ghosts and Journeys (1988)
The Call: And Other Stories (1989)
Echoes of War (1989)
Fearful Lovers: And Other Stories (1992)
In Camera: And Other Stories (1992)
Demons and Shadows: The Ghostly Best Stories of Robert Westall (1993)
Christmas Spirit: Two Stories (1994)
Blizzard (1996)
Voices in the Wind (1997)
Best of Friends (1997) (with Theresa Breslin, Adèle Geras, Elizabeth Laird, Jan Mark, Alison Prince, Ian Strachan, Robert Swindells)
The Best of Westall 1 (1998)

Picture Books
The Witness (1986)
Rosalie (1988)
David and the Kittens (2002)
Denton the Dragon and the Tale of Tear River (2006)
 Series contributed to
19. The Devil on the Road (1978)
1. Ghost Abbey (1988)
8. Old Man on a Horse (1988)
Anthologies edited
Ghost Stories (1988)
Cats' Whispers and Tales (1996)
Spinetinglers: Ghoulish Ghost Stories (2007)
Non fiction
Children of the Blitz: Memories from Wartime Childhood (1985)
The Making of Me: A Writer's Childhood (2006)
Anthologies containing stories by Robert Westall
Imaginary Lands (1985)
Hidden Turnings (1989)
Best New Horror (1990)
The Puffin Book of Horror Stories (1994)
Supernatural Stories (1994)
The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror Seventh Annual Collection (1994)
Short stories
 The Vacancy (1972)  
 The Big Rock Candy Mountain (1985)  
 Fifty-Fafty (1989)  
 The Last Day of Miss Dorinda Molyneux (1989)  
 The Call (1990)  
 In Camera (1993)  


 Carnegie Medal Best Novel winner (1976) : The Machine-Gunners
 Carnegie Medal Best Novel winner (1982) : The Scarecrows
Books about Robert Westall

The Extraordinary Life of Robert Westall: A Short Biography of the Award-Winning Writer (2004) by Lindy McKinnel

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