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Joyce Stranger

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Psuedonym of Joyce Muriel Wilson.

Died recently in 2007.  Lived in Anglesey, Wales.

Trained as a biologist, specialising in animal behaviour, and tried her hand at dog training too. Not surprisingly, animal themes, especially relationships between human and animal feature in all of her books. She thought that the human-animal/human-nature relationship was extremely important and that a co-existence between the two could improve quality of life. She said "for many people an animal can provide a harmony lacking in day-to-day relationships with people."

Her books are not very anthropomorphic, deliberately so. She thought that many animal books, especially childrens were inaccurate or sentimental or humanised the animal and wanted her stories instead to "show how animals live in a world that is real to them"

They are definitely not sentimental either, many are quite downbeat. Disasters often strike her fictional worlds and her characters are often unhappy, guilt-stricken or remorseful. However they usually end on a more upbeat and optimistic note.

Ms. Stranger was one of the few authors to write horse stories aimed at adults. Most of her pony books are either adult or teenage stories.

Sadly her website has been removed from the internet.


Animal Sanctuary

Jason: Nobody's Dog (1970)
Animal Park (1992)
The Runaway (1992)

House of Secrets

The Secret of Hunter's Keep (1993)
Bran's Secret (1994)
Georgie's Secret (1994)
Liam's Secret (1994)


Wild Cat Island (1961)
The Running Foxes (1965)
Circus All Alone (1965)
Breed of Giants (1966)
Rex (1967)
Born to Trouble (1968)
Casey (1968)
Rusty (1969)
The Wind On the Dragon (1969)
One for Sorrow (1969)
Zara (1970)
Chia, the Wildcat (1971)
The Honeywell Badger (1971)
Paddy Joe (1971)
Lakeland vet (1972)
Walk a Lonely Road (1973)
Trouble for Paddy Joe (1973)
Hare at Dark Hollow (1973)
Never Count Apples (1974)
Never Tell a Secret (1975)
Paddy Joe at Deep Hollow Farm (1975)
Flash (1976)
Wild Ponies (1976)
Fox At Drummer's Darkness (1976)
Khazan: The Horse That Came Out of the Sea (1977)
Walk in the Dark (1978)
Curse of Seal Valley (1979)
Paddy Joe and Tomkin's Folly (1979)
January Queen (1979)
Double Trouble (1981)
Vet on Call (1981)
The Stallion (1981)
Vet Riding High (1981)
No More Horses (1982)
Marooned! (1982)
Dial V. E. T. (1982)
Hound of Darkness (1983)
Josse (1983)
Shadows in the Dark (1984)
The Family at Fool's Farm (1985)
The Hounds of Hades (1985)
Spy, the No-good Pup (1989)
Midnight Magic (1991)
The Hills Are Lonely (1993)
Thursday's Child (1994)
Simon's Island (1995)
A Cry On the Wind (1995)
The Guardians of Staghill (1997)
Perilous Journey (1998)
A Cherished Freedom (2000)
Cry to the Moon (2002)
The Call of the Sea (2003)
A Guiding Star (2006)
The Go-between (2008)


A Dog Called Gelert (1973)
Secret Herds and Other Animal Stories (1974)
The Best of Brownie Stories (1978)
Monastery Cat and Other Animals (1982)


Book of Hanak's Animals (1976)
Kym (1976)
Two's Company (1977)
All About Your Pet Puppy (1980)
Three's a Pack: Autobiography (1980)
How to Own a Sensible Dog (1981)
Two for Joy (1982)
Stranger Than Fiction: Biography of Elspeth Bryce-smith (1984)
Dog in a Million (1984)
Dog Days (1986)
Double or Quit (1987)
Dog's Guide to Buying Humans (1993)






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