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Gyles Brandreth

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The Ghost At No.13 (1985)
The Hiccups At No.13 (1987)
The Mermaid At No.13 (1989)
Hullababloo At No.13 (1992)
The Witch At No.13 (1995)
The Monsters At No.13 (1996)
The Slippers That Talked (1990)
The Slippers That Sneezed (1995)
The Slippers That Answered Back (1996)
Secret Notebook
My Secret Notebook: Aged 7: As Written by Sammy Heaven (1996)
My Secret Notebook: Aged 8: As Written by Georgie Gate (1996)
My Secret Notebook: Aged 9: As Written by Jo Divine (1996)
Bruno Bruin
Adventures of Bruno Bruin (1998)
Bruno Bruin Discovers America (1999)
Tales of the Tamworth Two
The Great Escape (1998)
Two Little Pigs Make Friends (1998)
Wanted: Two Little Pigs (1998)
Tales of Mouse Village
Amanda Mouse and the Birthday Cake (1999)
Jack Mouse and the Scarecrow (1999)
Matt Mouse and the Surprise Party (1999)
Welcome To Mouse Village (1999)
Matt Mouse and the Big Surprise (2000)
Myrtle Mouse and the Naughty Twins (2000)
Oscar Wilde
1. Oscar Wilde and the Candlelight Murders (2007)
     aka Oscar Wilde and a Death of No Importance
2. Oscar Wilde and the Ring of Death (2008)
     aka Oscar Wilde and a Game Called Murder
3. Oscar Wilde and the Dead Man's Smile (2009)
4. Oscar Wilde and the Nest of Vipers (2010)

Spy School (1981)
Max, the Boy Who Made a Million (1996)
Nattie and Nuffin (1996)
Who Is Nick Saint? (1996)
Venice Midnight (1998)
Maisie, the Girl Who Lost Her Head (1999)

Mermaid at No.13 / Hiccups at No.13 (1994)
Aladdin (1971)
Cinderella (1971)
Mother Goose (1973)
Picture Books
Operation Air Spyfile (1978)
Operation Earth Spyfile (1978)
Operation Sea Spyfile (1978)
Operation Space Spyfile (1978)
Story of Hey Diddle Diddle (1979)
Story of Humpty Dumpty (1979)
Here Comes Golly (1979)
The Rock Penguins (2000)
 Non fiction
John Haden Badley, 1865-1967: Bedales School And Its Founder (1967)
Party Games (1972)
Created in Captivity (1972)
Brandreth's Bedroom Book (1973)
Pantomime (1973)
Discovering Pantomime (1973)
Complete Book of Home Entertainment (1974)
Games for Trains, Planes and Wet Days (1974)
     aka Games for Rains Planes and Trains
Gyles Brandreth's Complete Book of Home Entertainment (1974)
Brandreth's Christmas Book (1975)
Knight Book of Scrabble (1975)
The Scrabble Book (1975)
Book of Waiting Games (1975)
Knight Book of Christmas Fun (1975)
A Royal Scrapbook: My Twenty-five Years On the Throne (1976)
Book of Fun and Games for a Rainy Day (1976)
Games and Puzzles with Coins And Matches (1976)
Number Games and Puzzles (1976)
Pencil and Paper Games And Puzzles (1976)
Amazing Mazes (1976)
Book of Easter Fun (1976)
Bumper Wonder Book: No. 1 (1976)
Scrambled Exits: The Greatest Maze Book Ever (1976)
Hotchpotch (1976)
Knight Book of Fun and Games for Every Day of the Year (1976)
Fun & Games for Every Day of the Year (1976)
Knight Book of Easter Fun (1976)
Knight Book of Fun and Games for a Rainy Day (1976)
Home Entertainment for All the Family (1977)
Pears All-The-Year-Round Quiz Book (1977)
Project, Castles and Historic Houses (1977)
Puzzle Party Fun Book (1977)
Big Book of Secrets (1977)
Brain-teasers and Mind-benders (1977)
Castles and Historic Houses (1977)
Bumper Wonder Book: No. 2 (1977)
Edward Lear's Book of Mazes (1977)
Be Kind to Mum and Dad (1977)
Knight Book of Party Games for Young Children (1977)
Book of Tongue Twisters (1977)
Indoor Games (1977)
Pears Family Quiz Book (1977)
Funniest Man on Earth (1977)
Knight Book of Tongue Twisters (1977)
Beaver Book of Magic (1978)
Complete Husband (1978)
Favorite Indoor Games (1978)
The Great Big Funny Book (1978)
The Little Red Darts Book (1978)
Project: Number Fun (1978)
Hamlyn Family Games Book (1978)
Jokes! Jokes! Jokes!: A Joke for Every Day of the Year (1978)
Teach Yourself Indoor Games (1978)
What Nonsense (1978)
The Great Games Gazette: Parlour Fun for Home Entertainers (1978)
Magic of Houdini (1978)
Project: Human Body (1978)
871 Famous Last Words: And Put-downs, Insults, Squelches, Compliments, Rejoinders, Epigrams, And Epitahps Of Famous People (1979)
The Last Word: Put-downs, Insults, Squelches, Compliments, Rejoinders, Epigrams, Epitaphs of Famous People (1979)
Pears Book of Words (1979)
Big Book of Optical Illusions (1979)
Big Book of Practical Jokes (1979)
Fortune-telling Fun (1979)
Sinbad's Round the World Activity Book: Amazing Things to Make And Do (1979)
Cinderella's Indoor Activity Book: Amazing Things to Make And Do (1979)
Robin Hood's Outdoor Activity Book: Amazing Things to Make And Do (1979)
Robinson Crusoe's Activity Book: Amazing Things to Make And Do (1979)
Complete Book of Scrabble (1980)
Game-a-day Book (1980)
Seeing Is Not Believing (1980)
Fascinating Facts (1980)
The Joy of Lex: How to Have Fun with 860, 341, 500 Words (1980)
This Is Your Body (1980)
Brain Power (1980)
Knight Book of Mazes (1980)
Play It Alone (1980)
1000 Facts: The Greatest Book of Amazing Information Ever Known (1980)
The Biggest Tongue Twister Book in the World (1981)
Challenge (1981)
The Complete Home Entertainer (1981)
Crazy Encyclopaedia (1981)
The Puzzle Mountain (1981)
Total Nonsense Z to A (1981)
The Big Book of Magic (1981)
Crazy Days (1981)
Crazy Word Book (1981)
Shadow Shows (1981)
Amazing Facts About Your Body (1981)
Amazing Facts About Animals (1981)
Amazing Facts About Our Earth (1981)
Amazing Facts About Prehistoric Animals (1981)
Everyman's Indoor Games (1981)
How to be Funny (1981)
Dr. Dilemma's Daffy Dictionary (1981)
Great Theatrical Disasters (1982)
More Joy of Lex: An Amazing And Amusing Z to a And a to Z of Words (1982)
What Do You Know? (1982)
Wordplay (1982)
The Crazy Book of World Records (1982)
The Complete Puzzler (1982)
The Facts Factory (1982)
World's Best Indoor Games (1982)
1000 Questions: The Greatest Quiz Book Ever Known (1982)
Everyman's Book of Solo Games (1983)
Gyles Brandreth's Book of Puzzles and Brainteasers (1983)
Complete Public Speaker (1983)
Frankenstein's Monster Fun Book (1983)
Book of Fun and Games for Journeys (1983)
Don't You Believe It! (1983)
The Crazy Cartoon Book (1983)
Hocus Pocus (1983)
Knight Book of Fun and Games for Journeys (1983)
(Almost) Impossible Crossword Book (1984)
Bedside Book of Great Sexual Disasters (1984)
The Big Book of Ghosts (1984)
Book of Excuses (1984)
John Gielgud: An Actor's Life (1984)
Numberplay (1984)
The Big Book of Useless Inventions (1984)
Superbrain (1984)
The Law Is an Ass (1984)
The Scrabble Brand Puzzle Book (1984)
Superheroes (1984)
Christmas Book (1984)
Everyman's Book of Children's Games (1984)
The Scrabble Omnibus (1984)
Bet You Can, Bet You Can't (1984)
Book of Solo Games (1984)
The Longest, Shortest, Biggest, Smallest, Best and Worst Joke Book in the World (1984)
The Big Book of Amazing Names (1985)
Cockburn's A. to Z. of After-dinner Entertainment (1985)
Monopoly Omnibus (1985)
Great Book of Optical Illusions (1985)
The Super Joke Book (1985)
The Big Book of Superstitions (1985)
Bedroom Bloopers (1985)
A Guide to Playing the Scrabble Brand Crossword Game (1985)
The Rudest Joke Book in the World (1985)
My Secrets (1985)
Everyman's Classic Puzzles (1985)
Aargh: The Spooky Joke Book (1985)
Vital Statistics: Everything You Want to Know About Average People (1985)
Wit Knits (1985)
Big Book of Mind-stretchers (1986)
Cats' Tales (1986)
Classic Puzzles (1986)
Comic Speeches for Businessmen (1986)
How to Interview and Be Interviewed (1986)
Pranks, Tricks and Practical Jokes (1986)
Secret Codes and Hidden Messages (1986)
Writing Secret Codes and Sending Hidden Messages (1986)
Everyman's Word Games (1986)
Book of Ghastly Rhymes (1986)
Comic Speeches for Social Occasions (1986)
Comic Speeches for Sportsmen (1986)
The Book of Mistakes (1986)
Comic Speeches for the Legal Profession (1986)
Comic Speeches for the Sales Forces (1986)
Card Player's Omnibus (1986)
The Joke Box (1986)
Wideawake Club: Jokes (1986)
Comic Speeches for the Medical Profession (1986)
Big Book Of Ghastly Rhymes (1986)
Knitability (1987)
The World's Best Optical Illusions (1987)
Mindbenders and Brainteasers (1987)
Word Games (1987)
The Big Book of Silly Riddles (1987)
Me! (1987)
My Diary (1987)
The Emergency Joke Kit (1987)
Even Greater Sexual Disasters (1987)
Help Help Help Help Jokes (1987)
Fascinating Body Facts (1987)
The Scrabble Companion (1987)
Word Box (1988)
Future Perfect: How to Profit from Your Pension Planning (1988)
Quick and Easy Magic Tricks (1988)
Do-it-Yourself Genius Book (1988)
The Do-it-yourself Genius Kit (1988)
My Records Book (1988)
Famous Last Words and Tombstone Humor (1989)
Great Party Games: Over 200 Games for Adults of All Ages (1989)
The New Pears Family Quiz Book (1989)
Big Book of Puzzles and Games (1989)
If I Ruled the World (1989)
It's a Joke (1990)
Pencil and Paper Puzzle Games (1990)
The Puzzle Omnibus (1990)
The Skeleton Crossword Book (1990)
Teddy Bear Joke Book (1990)
The Amazing Fun and Games Book (1991)
Round the World Quiz Book (1991)
Super Silly Riddles (1991)
A Riot of Riddles (1991)
The Search for the Golden Puffin (1991)
Brainteasers Trivia Quizbook (1991)
The Date-it-yourself Time Capsule (1991)
Around the World Quiz Book (1991)
The Book of Classic Puzzles and Word Games (1992)
Children's Games: Over 300 Indoor And Outdoor Games for Children of All Ages (1992)
The Emergency Excuses Kit (1992)
World Championship Scrabble (1992)
Winners Guide to Games (1992)
A Joke-A-Day Book (1992)
Miaow!: Cat Joke Book (1993)
Joke-a-thon (1993)
The Politician's Quotation Book (1993)
Under the Jumper: Autobiographical Excursions: Life, Love And Other Banana Skins (1993)
The Book of Snubs (1994)
The Bumper Book of Indoor Games (1994)
365 Day Quiz Book (1995)
Dictionary of Insults (1995)
The Family Games Book (1995)
The Bumper Book of Jokes (1995)
The Bumper Book of Great Sexual Disasters (1995)
Bumper Book of Mazes (1995)
1000 Firsts and Lasts (1996)
Crazy Inventions (1997)
Crazy Jokes (1997)
Crazy Practical Jokes (1997)
Crazy Spy File (1997)
Crazy Words (1997)
Crazy World Records (1997)
Madcap Giant Book of Jokes (1997)
Madcap Bumper Book of Horror (1997)
Madcap Bumper Book of Magic (1997)
Great Trials Oscar Wilde (1997)
The Word Book (1998)
Knockout Knock-knock Joke Book (1998)
Crazy Crosswords (1998)
Crazy Graffiti (1998)
Crazy Hoaxes (1998)
Crazy Howlers (1998)
Crazy Riddles (1998)
Crazy Tongue Twisters (1998)
Breaking the Code: Westminster Diaries, 1992-97 (1999)
Bumper Book of Laughs (1999)
Bumper Book of Brainteasers (1999)
Brandreth's Brainbusters (1999)
Madcap Bumper Book Of Laughs (1999)
Rather Rottener: More Than 900 Naughty New Limericks (2000)
Rotten Haystacks: More Than 870 New Limericks (2000)
Brief Encounters: Meetings with Remarkable People (2001)
Optical Illusion Flip (2001)
Whitaker's London Almanack: 2002 (2001)
Whitaker's Political Almanack: 2002 (2001)
The Biggest Kids Joke Book Ever! (2002)
Philip and Elizabeth: Portrait of a Marriage (2004)
First Things: The Moral, Social And Religious Challenges of the Day (2005)
Charles and Camilla: Portrait of a Love Affair (2005)
Something Sensational to Read on the Train (2009)
Something Sensational to Read in the Train: The Diary of a Lifetime (2010)

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