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Doreen Tovey

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DOREEN TOVEY lived in a 250-year-old cottage in Somerset, the ideal setting for her bestselling books. She was president of the Siamese Cat Club and has been president of the West of England Cat Club.

(24th October 1918 – 13th January 2008)

It is, with great sadness, that we report the death of Doreen Tovey.  Over the years, Doreen Tovey's books gave so much pleasure to so many readers.

Full of gentle humour and heart-warming tales, her books described the adventures and antics of the cats (and other animals) with whom she shared her life in Somerset.

Doreen Tovey wrote more than a dozen books (which sold more than 120,000 copies in 10 countries) and she was also president of the Siamese Cat Club.

Her books were serialised in The People's Friend magazine and won her the devotion of many thousands of animal lovers in the UK and overseas. She will be greatly missed by her many, many fans.

"No-one writes about cats with more wit, humour and affection." The People's Friend

"Every so often, there comes along a book – or if you're lucky – books, which gladden the heart." Cat World Magazine


Cats in the Belfry
Cats in May
The New Boy
The Coming of Saska
Donkey Work
Double Trouble
A Comfort of Cats
Life with Grandma
Making the Horse Laugh
Waiting in the Wings
More Cats in the Belfry
Roses Round the Door
Raining Cats and Donkeys
Cats in Concord



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