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Colin Dann

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Colin Dann (born 1943 in Richmond, Surrey, UK) is an English author. He is best known for his The Animals of Farthing Wood series of books, which was subsequently made into an animated series.
Dann worked at the publishing firm William Collins, Sons & Co. for thirteen years, and his first novel, The Animals of Farthing Wood, was written during this period. The original cover for this and a dozen others was painted by Portal artist Frances Broomfield.


Farthing Wood
2. In the Grip of Winter (1981)
3. Fox's Feud (1970)
4. The Fox Cub Bold (1983)
5. The Siege Of White Deer Park (1985)
6. In the Path of the Storm (1989)
7. Battle for the Park (1993)
The Adventure Begins (1994)

King of the Vagabonds
1. King of the Vagabonds (1987)
2. The City Cats (1991)
3. Copycat (1997)

Lions of Lingmere
1. Journey to Freedom (2000)
2. Lion Country (2001)
3. Pride of the Plains (2002)
The Beach Dogs (1970)
A Legacy of Ghosts (1970)
A Great Escape (1970)
The Ram of Sweetriver (1986)
Just Nuffin (1989)
Nobody's Dog (1999)

Spooky Stories (1999) (with Ritchie Perry)

Picture Books
Weasel's Adventure (1995) (with Sue Mongredien)

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