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Carole Nelson Douglas

The author of 56 novels, including mainstream, mystery, thriller, high fantasy, science fiction, and romance/women’s fiction, Carole Nelson Douglas has been nominated for or won more than fifty writing awards. Carole was an award-winning journalist for the St. Paul Pioneer Press until moving to Texas to write fiction full time. In fact, she “found” Midnight Louie in the newspaper’s classified ads  and wrote a feature article on the real-life alley cat long before she began writing novels or Louie returned as a feline supersleuth with his own newsletter, Midnight Louie’s Scratching Post-Intelligencer, published since 1995.

Carole the child loved the Sherlock Holmes stories, but the adult found something missing: strong women. That literary lack drives her multi-genre odyssey: “I began Amberleigh, my first published novel, in college because I was fed up with the wimpy heroines of then-popular Gothics,” she says. “Since then, I’ve merrily reformed the fiction genres, reinventing women as realistic protagonists. Of course, creating true women means creating true men as partners and co-protagonists. I like writing popular and genre fiction because it’s so influential; it forms attitudes that shape society.”

Many Douglas novels have received awards and appeared on various bestseller lists; her mystery short fiction appears in numerous anthologies, including eight of The Year’s 25 Best Crime and Mystery Stories.

Carole and her husband Sam Douglas are kept as pets in Texas by several quadrupeds.

Their current four cats include their first feral adoptee, Audrey, a long-haired calico who was trapped at 15 months and has adapted well to indoor life, but remains untouchable by us.

Fortunately, Audrey adores and stalks our  all-black cat, Midnight Louie, Jr., was acquired by virtue of a squeaky meow from an animal shelter concrete floor during Carole’s first Midnight Louie Adopt-a-Cat tour of Texas. Louie began going blind at age eight, but adapted extraordinarily well. There is no place, high or low, he can go that Audrey can’t trail him there, calling and rubbing, not that Louie, fixed and fourteen, much needs groupies. Audrey had two litters outside and shepherded the terminally ill father of her second through his last weeks, days, and hours.

Carole found Xanadu, a species-confused chow-mix dog, dumped as a four-month-old puppy at a four-way stop sign near an elementary school. Carole picked her up because she was afraid the dog would be run over. Months later Sam saw Xanadu’s “twin” lying by the curb across from the school, so if you see and think a stray is in danger, you’re probably right. Please take it to a shelter.

Xanadu loves to play with the cats, but the females are not much interested.

Amberleigh, a tortie with a half-tail, was found on the neighbor’s roof at 6:00 a.m. We had four adopted Persians, but lost them to old age, so Topaz, five, a female shaded-golden like our recently lost lovely Secret, arrived in 2009 and made herself right at home.


Midnight Louie

1. Catnap (1992)
2. Pussyfoot (1993)
3. Cat on a Blue Monday (1994)
4. Cat in a Crimson Haze (1995)
5. Cat in a Diamond Dazzle (1996)
6. Cat With an Emerald Eye (1996)
7. Cat in a Flamingo Fedora (1997)
8. Cat in a Golden Garland (1997)
9. Cat on a Hyacinth Hunt (1998)
10. Cat in an Indigo Mood (1999)
11. Cat in a Jeweled Jumpsuit (1999)
12. Cat in a Kiwi Con (2000)
13. Cat in a Leopard Spot (2001)
14. Cat in a Midnight Choir (2002)
15. Cat in a Neon Nightmare (2003)
16. Cat in an Orange Twist (2004)
17. Cat in a Hot Pink Pursuit (2005)
18. Cat in a Quicksilver Caper (2006)
19. Cat in a Red Hot Rage (2007)
20. Cat in a Sapphire Slipper (2008)
21. Cat in a Topaz Tango (2009)
22. Cat in an Ultramarine Scheme (2010)

Cat and a Playing Card

The Cat and the Jack of Spades (1999)
The Cat and the King of Clubs (1999)
The Cat and the Queen of Hearts (1999)
The Cat and the Jill of Diamonds (2000

Anthologies containing stories by Carole Nelson Douglas

Celebrity Vampires (1995)
Rivals of Dracula (1996)
Wild Women (1997)
Cat Crimes Through Time (1998)
Past Lives, Present Tense (1999)

Anthologies edited

Marilyn: Shades of Blonde (1997)
Midnight Louie's Pet Detectives (1998)
White House Pet Detectives: Tales of Crime and Mystery at the White House from a Pet's Eye View (2002)

Sword and Circlet

1. Six of Swords (1982)
2. Exiles of the Rynth (1984)
3. Keepers of Edanvant (1987)
4. Heir of Rengarth (1988)
5. Seven of Swords (1989)
     aka Seventh Sword


1. Probe (1985)
2. Counterprobe (1988)

1. Crystal Days (1990)
2. Crystal Nights (1990)
Irene Adler

1. Good Night Mr. Holmes (1990)
2. Good Morning, Irene (1990)
     aka The Adventuress
3. Irene at Large (1992)
     aka A Soul of Steel
4. Irene's Last Waltz (1994)
     aka Another Scandal in Bohemia
5. Chapel Noir (2001)
6. Castle Rouge (2002)
7. Femme Fatale (2003)
8. Spider Dance (2004)


1. Cup of Clay (1991)
2. Seed Upon the Wind (1992)

Delilah Street, Paranormal Investigator

1. Dancing with Werewolves (2007)
2. Brimstone Kiss (2008)
3. Vampire Sunrise (2009)
Amberleigh (1980)
In Her Prime (1982)
Her Own Person (1982)
The Best Man (1983)
Lady Rogue (1983)
Azure Days, Quicksilver Nights (1985)
The Exclusive (1986)
Fair Wind, Fiery Star (1993)

Probable Cause (1993) (with Carolyn Banks, William Bernhardt, Jon L Breen)

Short stories

Dracula on the Rocks (1995)  
Cold Turkey (1997)  
The Mummy Case (1999)  
Night Owl (1999)  

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