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Anne Fine

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Anne Fine is a distinguished writer for children of all ages, with over forty books to her credit. As well as being chosen as Children's Laureate in 2001, she is twice winner of the Carnegie Medal, Britain's most coveted children's literature award, and has also won the Guardian Children's Literature Award, the Whitbread Children's Novel Award twice, and a Smarties Prize. She won the Publishing News Children's Author of the Year Award in 1990 and again in 1993.

Her books for older children include the award winning The Tulip Touch and Goggle-Eyes, which was adapted for television by the BBC. Twentieth Century Fox filmed her novel Madame Doubtfire as Mrs Doubtfire, starring Robin Williams. Her books for younger children include Bill's New Frock and How to Write Really Badly. Her work has been translated into twenty-five languages.

Anne Fine has also written for adults. Her novels The Killjoy, Taking the Devil's Advice, In Cold Domain, Telling Liddy and, most recently, All Bones and Lies, have been published to considerable critical acclaim.

Anne Fine has two grown up daughters, and lives in County Durham.


Anne Fine's Adult Novels

The Killjoy (1986)
Taking The Devil's Advice (1990)
In Cold Domain (1994)
Telling Liddy (1998)
All Bones and Lies (2001)
Raking the Ashes (2005)
Fly in the Ointment (2008)
Our Precious Lulu (2009)


1. A Sudden Puff of Glittering Smoke (1989)
2. A Sudden Swirl of Icy Wind (1990)
3. A Sudden Glow of Gold (1991)
Genie Genie Genie: A Sudden Puff of Glittering Smoke, A Sudden Swirl of Icy Wind, A Sudden Glow of Gold (omnibus) (2004)


The Summer House Loon (1978)
The Other Darker Ned (1979)
The Stone Menagerie (1980)
Round Behind the Ice-house (1981)
The Granny Project (1983)
Scaredy-Cat (1985)
Anneli the Art Hater (1986)
Madame Doubtfire (1987)
Crummy Mummy and Me (1988)
A Pack of Liars (1988)
Stranger Danger? (1989)
The Country Pancake (1989)
Bill's New Frock (1989)
Goggle-Eyes (1989)
The Book of the Banshee (1991)
The Worst Child I Ever Had (1991)
Design A Pram (1991)
The Angel of Nitshill Road (1992)
The Chicken Gave It To Me (1992)
The Same Old Story Every Year (1992)
The Haunting of Pip Parker (1992)
Flour Babies (1992)
Press Play (1994)
Step by Wicked Step (1995)
How To Write Really Badly (1996)
Countdown (1996)
The Tulip Touch (1996)
Jennifer's Diary (1996)
Loudmouth Louis (1998)
Charm School (1999)
Roll Over Roly (1999)
Bad Dreams (2000)
Notso Hotso (2001)
How to Cross the Road and Not Turn Into a Pizza (2002)
Up on Cloud Nine (2002)
The More the Merrier (2003)
Frozen Billy (2004)
The True Story of Christmas (2005)
On the Summer-House Steps (2006)
The Road of Bones (2006)
It Moved! (2006)
Jamie and Angus Together (2007)
Ivan the Terrible (2007)
Saving Miss Mirabelle (2007)
The Killer Cat's Birthday Bash (2008)
Eating Things on Sticks (2009)
The Killer Cat's Christmas (2009)


Very Different: And Other Stories (2001)
The Jamie and Angus Stories (2002)
Shining on: A Collection of Stories in Aid of the Teen Cancer Trust (2006) (with Malorie Blackman, Melvin Burgess, Meg Cabot, Cathy Hopkins, Sue Limb, Celia Rees, Meg Rosoff, Rosie Rushton and Jacqueline Wilson)
Three for Tea: Tasty Tales for You And Me (2006) (with Michael Morpurgo and Jacqueline Wilson)
Jamie and Angus Forever (2009)

Picture Books

Ruggles (2001)
Chapter Books

Only A Show (1990)
Poor Monty (1991)
The Diary of a Killer Cat (1994)
Keep It in the Family (1996)
Care of Henry (1996)
The Return of the Killer Cat (2003)
Nag Club (2004)
The Killer Cat Strikes Back (2007)
Under a Silver Moon (2010)

Anthologies edited

A Shame to Miss 1 (2001)
A Shame to Miss 2 (2002)
A Shame to Miss 3 (2002)
Non fiction

Telling Tales (1999)
Meetings with the Minister: Five Chidren's Authors on the National Literacy Strategy (2003) (with Bernard Ashley, Jamila Gavin, Chris Powling and Philip Pullman)

 Carnegie Medal Best Novel winner (1990) : Goggle-Eyes
 Carnegie Medal Best Novel winner (1993) : Flour Babies
 Carnegie Medal Best Novel nominee (2007) : The Road of Bones


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