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Andrew Matthews

Andrew's talent is in making complex issues simple, and he relates to CEO's, middle management and high school students with equal ease. He entertains while providing audiences with the tools and inspiration to live more successful and more prosperous lives.

Wickedoz (1990)
Wickedoz and the Dragons of Stonewade (1991)
Wickedoz, Tales of a Witch's Cat (omnibus) (1993)

Bunch of Baddies
Cactus Boys (1994)
Captain Midnight and the Granny Bag (1994)
Smugglers of Crab Cove (1995)
The Voyage of the Purple Prawn (1995)
The Great Gold Train Robbery (1997)

The Spooks of Biddlecombe Manor (1995)
Spooks to the Rescue (1995)

Tale of......
Fire Down the Pit: A Tale of Welsh Mining Disaster (1998)
The Runaway Slave: A Tale of the British Slave Trade (1998)
Wolf Summer (2001)
Shadow of the Wolf (2002)
Shakespeare Stories
Hamlet (2002)
King Henry V (2002)
Macbeth (2002)
Romeo and Juliet (2002)
The Tempest (2002)
Twelfth Night (2002)
Anthony and Cleopatra (2003)
A Midsummer Night's Dream (2003)
As You Like It (2006)
Much Ado About Nothing (2006)
Othello (2006)
Richard III (2006)
The Merchant of Venice (2009)
Taming of the Shrew (2009)
King Lear (2010)

Light Witch Trilogy
Shadowmaster (2003)
The Darkening (2004)
The Time of the Stars (2004)

Writing in Martian (1993)
Seeing in Moonlight (1995)
Darker (1998)
Stiks and Stoans (1999)
Love Street (2000)
Dissolvers (2000)
Crawlers (2001)
The Flip Side (2001)
G.S.O.H (2001)
Moonchildren (2002)
The Breakfast Museum (2003)
A Winter Night's Dream (2004)
From Above with Love (2005)
The Swallow and the Dark (2005)
The Shadow Garden (2005)
The Way of the Warrior (2007)
Shadow of the Ninja (2010)

Fairy Stories for Bedtime (1989)
The Great Sandwich Racket and Other Stories (1990)
The Great Granny Dust-up (1992)
Stories from Hans Andersen (1993)
Silly Stories (1994)
Favourite Stories from Hans Christian Andersen (1995)
Dixie's Demon and Other Stories (1995)
Monster Hullabaloo! and Other Stories (1996)
King Arthur (1996)
Horrorscopes (1997) (with J H Brennan)
Marduk the Mighty: And Other Stories of Creation (1997)
The Random House Book of Shakespeare Stories (2003)
Magical Princess Stories (2009) (with Rose Impey, Geraldine McCaughrean and Margaret Mayo)

Picture Books
The Jar of the Sun (1991)
Crackling Brat (1993)
Cat Song (1993)
Mouse Flute (1997)
Thumbelina and The Tin Soldiers (2000)
The Emperor's New Clothes and The Tinder Box (2000)
Bob Robber and Dancing Jane (2003)

Chapter Books
Dr. Monsoon Taggert's Amazing Finishing Academy (1989)
A Summer Witching (1989)
Santa Claus: The Truth (1989)
Mallory Cox and His Magic Socks (1990)
Monster Hullabaloo! (1990)
Mistress Moonwater (1990)
Loads of Trouble (1991)
Monster Nursery School (1991)
Monster Expedition (1992)
Denzil the Dog-polisher (1993)
The Check-out Princess (1994)
Tod and the Clock Angel (1995)
The Car-wash War (1996)
The Beasts of Boggart Hollow (1996)
A Monster Surprise (1998)
Freckles (2000)
Family Stuff (2000)
The Little Mermaid (2001)
The Legend of King Arthur (2004)
Wanted: Janosik (2009)
Anthologies edited
A Treasury of Funny Stories (1995)

Non fiction series
Famous People, Famous Lives
0. Dick Whittington (1996)
0. King Alfred (1996)
0. Alfred the Great (2002)



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